Chartering Services

  • Chartering Services

We are experienced partner in the marine industry and have seen the growing requirements from various Shipowners, Operators, Shippers, and receivers which has prompted us to embark on having our own Chartering Department to serve the need of our clients.

We have a highly experienced team with extensive background in the field of chartering, the local and international market working closely with all parties (Ship-owners, charterers, operators, trading houses , exporters, and importers of various types of cargoes) to ensure their chartering need is met promptly and within their laycans requirements.

Providing our clients with instant knowledge and long-term forecasts is what we do best. We hold the latest information and market data for transactions in the dry cargo, container, tanker and LNG/LPG markets. Our experience in concluding voyage charters, time charters, period charter parties as well as industrial contracts makes us your trusted and experienced partner.

West African Fenders Chartering also specializes in towing and barging operations across Africa with successful towage operations and container movement between ports in Nigeria, Angola, Benin, Ivory Coast. We offer competitive rates for a variety of marine services to the shipping lines across West Africa, as we evacuate their container (TEU's) from various load ports to destination ports.

We own and manage specialized tugs for all types of towing services from barges, dry products or decommissioned vessels.

We provide competitive and bespoke pricing to suit all our client's needs and ensure health and safety is always paramount.

What We Offer

  • Container Chartering
  • Tug and Barge Chartering
  • Tanker Chartering
  • Dry Bulk Chartering

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