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Health & Safety Policy

West African Fenders ensures that Safety is key in all our Operations. From our equipment maintenance and testing, employee training, mooring masters fully trained to meet Marpol regulations, in-house process flows and ensuring our service tugs or tankers meet all industry requirements and safety programs are adhered to.

West African Fenders (WAF) are committed to safeguarding the health and safety of its employees, contractors, and the public by providing a safe and secure working environment, Safe System of Work (SSOW), training, and utilising safety conscious workforce to ensure a high quality professional services to ensure our services are safely executed.

We take principal account of the health and safety of our employees and all other persons who may be directly or indirectly involved and affected as a result of our activities offshore and ashore.

West African Fenders (WAF) recognizes and accepts its responsibilities to ensure its Health and Safety Policy is adhered to and implemented.

  • The health, safety and welfare of all its staff, volunteers and visitors whilst working for or visiting the organization
  • All activities carried out by West African Fenders (WAF) are done in accordance with the Health and Safety Policy
  • An appropriate health and safety policy that is regularly reviewed
  • That appropriate insurance policies are in place and reviewed regularly.
  • That particular attention will be paid to fire precautions, emergency procedures and physical security.
  • That first aid requirements are considered by the group and that there are appropriately trained staff and volunteers.
  • That staff report any hazards, defective equipment, ineffective procedures and policy to their immediate supervisor and only undertake tasks for which they are appropriately trained.

West African Fenders will comply with all Local/International legislation and regulation standards by gaining OHSAS 18001 as commitment to continual improvement in health and safety performance.

In order to achieve the OHSAS requirements, West African Fenders will ensure the provision of suitable/sufficient work environment and wellbeing of its employees, and the effective maintenance of operational vessels and boats. Our Aim is to ensure Zero Incidence in all our bases and Operations.

The entire Occupational Health and Safety system of West African Fenders will be reviewed quarterly by top management to ensure continual improvement of the management system.

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