Hull Cleaning

West African Fenders provides the very best in hull cleaning services. Utilizing specialised equipment we can provide a fast efficient service within 10 - 12 hours.

We have numerous brush material and abrasive disc for different levels of marine fouling on your vessel.

With our services you are guaranteed:-

  • Quality work completed efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Minimal scraping or removal of the hull's anti-fouling coatings.
  • Time and money savings with less frequent dry dockings.
  • Underwater pictorial survey of the hull providing documentation of the hull's condition before and after cleaning.
  • Routine maintenance program including hull, propeller, rudder, sonar dome cleaning and propeller polishing.
  • Improved Propeller Efficiency
  • Professional uniformed staff with specialized training.
  • Underwater closed circuit video revealing any condition warranting early corrective action or repair.
  • Prevent Hull Damage
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