Offshore Installations & Vessel Supply

Through our partnership, we are able to provide various marine support vessels such as:-

Platform Supply Vessels

PSVs can transport substantial amounts of fuel, water, drilling fluids, cement or mud in below-deck tanks, while their spacious, open decks can carry large quantities of materiel such as casing, drill pipe, tubing and miscellaneous deck cargo.

Anchor Handling Towing Supply Tugs

AHTSs are capable of all types of towing, anchor handling activities, and varied subsea operations. These vessels are also well-suited for general offshore support services, drilling rig support functions and cargo transport assignments.

Tanker Chartering

Tankers ranging from Handy sizes to VLCC size, able to load black or white cargo.

Fast Crew Supply Vessels

For crew changes or stores transfer, at high speed and comfort, which is key in unsafe areas.

Utility Vessels

They support production in the field, functioning as all-purpose vessels supporting diving operations, offshore structure maintenance and general assistance.

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